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First time pretty

This story might not be intresting to anyone, because its true, simple, and not some fancy fantasy.

So it was the first time that i dressed in female clothes. I was alone at my home, though I had no idea when someone could come back. I was already shaved on all my body, because its much more comfortable and looks better. First of all I put on stockings, and when I did, it felt really good and warm, I thought its a pity that I don't get to wear it all the time. Unfortunately as I didn't know how much time do I have I didn't put on make-up, instead I took venetian mask (small pretty mask) that covered upper part of my face. When I looked in the mirror I realised how easy it is to look feminine with right things on. Especially that I have dark brown shoulder lenght hair. Then I put on bra that I stuffed with these things that women stuff their bras to make their breasts look bigger. Again I looked in the mirror, it was beautifull. I was looking at myself, streching and stroking. I lied down and couldn't stop myself from masturbating, shortly then I came on my stomach while moaning with pleasure.
I regretted not wearing heels, makeup and maybe some other things that i don't remember of for now. But it all happened too quickly. I knew for sure it was the first but definately not the last time me doing that.

My english may not be perfect as its not my native language, I guess its pretty chaotic because of that and because my feelings back then were actually pretty chaotic (but pleasant nonetheless). (I can always rewrite this adding what i could miss).

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