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First Time Outdoor Festival Fantasy

Setting: Summer time in the mountains of Colorado the perfect bluebird weekend we all dream of.

The day before an underground rave in the mountains all my friends bail on the show and was now left with either not going or going solo. Well I deiced what the hell and I'll go solo and meet some new people. Little did I know who I would meet. I show up to the ranch the show is being held on and a good number of people are already there so, I start driving around looking for a spot to camp. At one point I pull off to the side get out and look around clearly lost or unsure where to camp then all the sudden two people come walking up and ask if I am looking for someone I say no just a spot for myself my friends bailed on me. They look at each other for a moment then ask if I would like to join their group and they even have room in their tent if I wanted to join. I was so excited to find some awesome people to hang out with and even camp with. As I walked up to camp everyone started introducing themselves. The group consisted of 4 ladies(Sara, Michelle, Jennifer,& Jamie) and 2 guys(Brad &Jack). After getting settled and cooking up some food with my new friends the music kicked off and we all looked at each other thinking we need to get to the stage for some dancing.

Before we left I was called into the tent and was handed some favors for the weekend. What I thought was going to be a weekend on my own started turning into an epic weekend with some new friends. We all headed for the stage and with a couple people breaking off from the group to say hi to other people we claim our spot. as we start dancing the first stage of the favors started to kick man did that feel amazing I was on cloud nine. Next thing I know one of the original people that had invited me into the group(Sara) came up and gave me a huge hug and started dancing with me. I couldn't believe it she was so hot and I thought she was with one of the guys in the group but she just kept grinding on me and giving me a very seductive look every time we caught each others eyes then started kissing and feeling more of each other. As the night rolled on the whole group came together for the headliner that night and we started a dancing as a whole group and for whatever reason I seemed to be the focus of attention.

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