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First Time Fantasy

We talk online for long enough to build trust. He is aggressively letting me know how much he wants to fuck me. He is physically larger than me and slightly older. After cumming to and on my pics and videos several times over the course of weeks or months, we finally decide to meet. He may or may not live in the area. One of us might travel. I have teased him with the notion of a good blow job for cumming to my pics. It turns me on.
We meet at a public place and I am discretely dressed in regular clothes but dressed as a CD underneath. We have talked online about all the hot sexual things we will do. I told him I would let him fuck me. He knows I have been sexually active in the past but not in awhile. He knows I have been a slut online to other men but he is the first to meet me. I am acting like a tease. We have a few drinks and he hands me a bag of attire he wants me to wear including sexy wig, heels, dress. He tells me he wants to fuck me.
I prepare myself for the week or weeks prior by Yoga and stretching exercise so I know I am flexible enough to get fucked real good. When the day arrives I have blocked off the weekend. The room is booked and I arrived early in the morning. I take some time to get myself into the sugar role and physical prep for my legs and body.
After our drinks he hands me the bag of hot attire to change into, I hand him the room key with the room number written on it. I head to my room and he waits for me to finish preparing. The attire he has prepared for me is very little, like a very short tight dress, slut heels, and maybe an anklet or something and a wig of his fantasy type.
I completely change into a hot woman and wait nervously.
He gets to the room opens the door. He may greet me with wine or other drinks and a hug. It can go in many directions at this point depending on the chemistry. We can drink and talk with me occasionally posing for him or not. He tries different things to get closer to me leading to an eventual hot make out session. This will need to be coaxed like that of a first date. I am total woman at this point. He needs to do what it takes to get to first base. It can depend on how much I drink and his energy.

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