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First time buying cross dressing undies and more

First off I had a sister that was 3 years older than me. In my freshman year of high school I hit the point I wanted to know what ladies under wear felt like. My sister had a strict no entering her room policy. So the summer after she graduated she went on a two week trip. My parents went to work all day. So the first day she was gone and so were my parents I had my opportunity. I went into her room and opened her drawers. It took me a minute to sort thru the plain cotton ones. The I struck pay dirt. I found the satin underwear I knew she had hidden from Mom. I stood in her room and put those panties on. They were tight but felt so good on my cock. I did this for two weeks straight. It was a great two weeks. Anyway fast forwarding several years.
I just moved into my own place my junior year in college. I was finally on my own. My own computer and everything. I never forgot how good those panties felt. So I decided I needed to buy my own. I found a mall and scoped it out. After going to a few stores I didn't really feel comfortable. I ended up at Sears in the ladies section. I scoped out the lady at the check out. She was an older lady and I figured this was my chance. Not to many other ladies in the section either. Trying to keep a low profile. I walked into the area filled with bras, panties and stockings. I was so nervous. I grabbed some bras and panties and rushed to the nearest dressing room. I grabbed some jeans and a shirt to cover the bras and panties. There was one guy in the dressing room too. I put the panties on and instantly was back in my freshman year in high school. I tried on the bras until I found a well fitting size bra. I knew I needed more of them and more panties too. I covered the bra and panties up and went back for more. I needed to get back into the dressing room to try in a few more things. I went back into the dressing room with another "cover" shirt. When I walked into the dressing room I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one saw me I ran into a guy that was coming out of the dressing room.

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