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I was 20 years old and was at my first days of my lastest year of university school, I had always had girlfriends and had just broke with this girl I had a relationship with over a year, I was so upset and horney, when suddenly on this know social media page We know about I started talking with this girl I thought I had a good crush on, she was so hot and lots of photos wearing sexy bikinis, sexy dresses and she looked very feminine with a nice ass and pretty sexy face, so I told my friends about this girl and send it photos about her about this girl I really thought She was very hot, but after telling them they told me that she or well he was a man, so after I told them I deleted her( Well I was lying), but I asked her to give me her cell phone number, I blocked her on the social media page and send it here a message and kept Talking, she suddenly told me she needed to confess me something, She was not a girl but a boy, so I told her I had no problem with that because I was really horny, she told me she was free that night, so I took my chance and rented an hotel and invited her, I bought a lot of beer and got drunk, so I told her I was going to be in an hotel alone and would like company, she accepted and told me she was going to call me, one hour passed, two hours, than three hours laters I see a call and it's her, I was drunk and told her to come by, with a pretty sexy voice she told me she wanted more than nothing no spend some time with me, so I told her I was drinking and alone and needed some company, she said she was trying to go somewhere to have some fun, after about 30 minutes I receive a call and guess what is her, I take a 7 second walk that looked like a 7 hour walk thinking that maybe I would apologized for doing something I'VE never tryed and thought, but when I got out, I see the taxi parked , Iquickly hand the money to the taxi driver and the back door opens as I didn't want it to look first, but the the girl gets down and walks in

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