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First time - what a surprise

I'm an eternal masturbator. I've always like wanking and playing with myself. At a young age I worked out that I likes playing with my ass hole, sticking things in it, walking round all day with something in it. With the advent of the internet I was like a pig in shit. So much porn to be had and so many things to see and do. One day I discovered the true beauty of the shemale. Wow. Gorgeous women, with cocks. Prior to this it had been women with strapons that got my attention, but this? Perfection. Then cam the webcam. I found a couple of sites where you could interact with such beauties and chat and wank in unison. I only ever fantasized about this, as I'll tell you now, I am straight. The idea of man on man totally turns me off. Shemales however were totally different, yet totally unattainable. For me at least.
I used to go on regular trips to Amsterdam with my mates, and we'd all get drunk, spliffed up and go for a wander around the red light district. Somtimes, when we were all no longer capable of walking we'd make out way back to the hotel. The thought of these women was too much and with a raging hard on keeping me sober, i'd sneak out and partake of the Windows ladies.
One such time, there was a mob of about 12 of us. I took one such opportunity to sneak off. I wandered around and found one particular corner with this amazing, buxom, leggy brunette. She was dressed in a corset with thigh high patent leather boots (another of my turn ons). I wandered up to the door and was welcomed inside. What an absolute beauty. Tall, flawless skin, and dressed to kill. I nearly bust a nut on the spot.
"Have you been to this part of Amsterdam before?" she asked.
"Oh yes, many times" I replied
"Good" she purred.
"What would you like to do"?
"I'd love to lick your ass" I spluttered. I was thinking this but hadn't really thought about it before.
"Of course" she said. Wow. what a dream come true.

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