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First Nylons

I was 12 years old. I was over at a friend's house playing His mom was a pretty blonde who always wore very sexy things. One day I was over playing in their yard and had to go use the bathroom. Well, when I walked in and took my seat, my eyes fell quickly on several pairs of some very silky nylons hanging on the shower rod. I sat there doing and just stared at those limp sexy items of PURE sex! I could not keep my eyes off them and as soon as I was done, I stood up and HAD to touch them. I felt soooo naughty and hoped that I would not get caught. I was so turned on and being that I was just really beginning of exploring my sexuality and masturbating, but it did not take more than a second to create a raging hard-on in my other hand! They felt and smelled so good! They were silky between my little fingers. I was now rubbing them with one hand and my cock with the other. Then, I looked around for any other of her things that she may have left in there. When I saw the hamper in corner, I had to break away from my newfound treasure, I let go of her nylons and went to look in the possible treasure chest before me. To my delight, I found many of her used and rather fragrant clothes including some of her very personal under things! I thought I struck gold! There were sooo many of her things. I ended up with a very sexy white girdle complete with garter snaps. It was pretty heavy in my young hands; wonderful Lycra was not yet invented. It contained a beautiful unique smell that was a mix of the material, her perfume, and best of all.... HER! For some crazy reason, I just HAD to put them on! I did not even stop to think why or if this meant I was weird or something. I was totally swept away by the lust of those sexy items that belonged to my Mother's very sexy friend!

The first thing I did, was to quickly strip out of the rest of my clothes and then put the cover down on the toilet seat. I grabbed a beautiful pair of shiny tan nylons off the rod and started to rub them all over my face, then my neck, chest and then right to my young now very hard cock.

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