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First Encounter

I always has a fascination for transsexuals. I remember my freshman year of college, I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I was the most aroused I have ever been as I watched the beautiful Mia Isabella stroke her hard cock. Something about a feminine being, with large breast, voluptuous ass, and a beautiful cock. From this day on, I was infatuated with shemales, to the point that I wanted to have my first experience.

I always dabbled on Craigslist, backpage, even on this chat for my first encounter. I had talked to several cross dressers and shemales, but was always nervous to meet them in person. I had the opportunity to meet a beautiful shemale on Craigslist, when I mean beautiful, you would never think she had a cock between her legs, standing about 5'4", thick legs, one of the most beautiful, round asses you have ever seen, beautiful face, soft lips, perfect breasts, and just the figure of a gorgeous woman. We had talked for months, and I was still nervous to meet her, finally she got fed up one night saying I was never going to come around to it. At this point I needed to man up, she had been drinking and sent me a picture of her ass, and said " if you meet me you'll get this". My cock answered the question for me and I hoped right in my car.

We met In a small suburban city, when I saw her in person, she looked even more beautiful then her pictures. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress, high heels, and her cleavage was busting out of her top. When she spoke, I instantly got turned on, because in the back of my head I knew what she had between her legs, I gave her a hug and kiss and we began to walk around. After sometime of the nerves settling and the realization of what I was actually doing, I began to be much more friendly with her, grabbing her waist, holding her hand, grabbing her butt here and there. Finally when we got to a more desolated area, she said " let me see your abs", as I pulled my shirt up, she was amazed,Moshe started to grab my muscular arms, and at this point I knew she was ready.

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