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First black T-girl

I've been wondering what to write about lately. I've received a request to write about me and my sister, but that is a road I might have trouble going down. Today I was thinking about my bi-sexual stripper girlfriend from the past, who loved bringing home other strippers (mostly lesbians) for some hot threesomes. However, today I shall write about my first Transgender experience.

I had responded to an ad placed by a self described hot black female that was in the local singles section of a free weekly paper. My thoughts were really "WTF", as I expected no response but became surprised when I received a call back from this girl. We got to talking and getting along really well and over the course of a few days had decided to meet.

She described herself as tall, slender, super sexy with a large B cup and rounded bubble butt. My thoughts were running wild as I thought about myself with this tall, cool, drink of water. I had always had a thing for black girls, but never seemed to date any of them. Mostly just hook ups from the club scene and serendipitous encounters from girls I had met.

Looking back now, this probably has to deal with me going to an all black school for the 5th and 6th grade. My family had moved and our new address had put me in a certain school district by one block. Of course my mom tried to fight it and have me go an all white school in the other district, but the district board would not budge. In case you are wondering "how did things go for the only blond haired, blue eyed, white kid in an all black school?" Well, things went great. I had been playing football since the 3rd grade, was an All-District athlete, and many of my opposing teammates went to this school. So, as it turns out, my first "play" girlfriend was black, the first titty I ever sucked was black, and the first pussy I ever stuck my dick in was black; at 5th grade summer camp.

Getting back to the story, my girlfriend and I had been up skiing for the weekend and she had fallen and broken her wrist. She had to stay home on pain meds and was pretty much staying home for a few days. I on the other hand had gotten horny and this girl was calling and leaving voice mail about getting together. So I called her and set it up for a Friday night.

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