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Everything Is Not As It Seems

The ad says Femdom looking for malesub. Must be willing to follow all my instructions. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for consideration. Well I answer the ad and am told to show up at the femdom’s home at 7:00.

I arrive at the front door and am greeted by a beautiful woman. She’s wearing a low cut blouse that shows her rather small but nice tits, and a short black skirt that shows off her beautiful legs and ass. She says from this point forward you will not speak. Do you understand? I shake my head yes.

She leads me down to her basement where there are various types of chairs, poles and devices. She leads me to the center of the room where there is a chair that has the legs removed and is attached to a frame that has it tilted at about a thirty degree angle. On the back of the frame is a pole that has a triangular wood piece at the top hanging about waist high over the back of the chair. The triangular piece is in the shape of a V. I’m a little nervous, but this girl is so hot my cock is tingling and getting hard just wondering what is going to happen.

She says is this your first bondage experience? I shake my head yes. She says are you willing to do as I say? I again shake my head yes. She says get undressed. I bend over to remove my shoes and she slaps my ass and reaches around and grabs the front of my pants. If my cock wasn’t hard already it sure was now. I pull my t-shirt up over my head, then reach down and pull off my shorts and underwear all at once. I’m standing in the middle of the room completely naked in front of this beautiful woman. She reaches out and takes my seven inch rigid cock into her hand and says you look excited. I shake my head yes. She bends over and kisses the head of my cock, while also moving her hand down and squeezing my balls. My cock feels like it’s about to explode. She says don’t you dare cum.

She releases my cock and says sit. I get down in the chair. My legs are sticking straight out in from of me and I’m leaning back.

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