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Erban Riesling

I went to the house of Marya, a black tranny and as usual I sat down on the bed to undress her. First het shirt that unleashed her boobs that I started sucking immediately. She already had dropped her skirt and while I admired her erect penis I saw the head nodding vehemently all of a sudden and then releasing a yellow stream over my t-shirt.
I was stunned, out of my head, also because that felt welcoming warm. A sensation I never had before. But no stranger to fetishes I took her cock and let her spray her liquid all over my neck and cheeks till I got to the point I wanted to taste it.
Like white German wine, sweet with a bite.
I directed the stream to my dick and rolled over on to the bed where we laughed and I complimented her with this sudden surprise and we sucked and fucked for some time.
Then when I was at the back of her laying stretched out before me I thought I 'd do her a favor and let my bladder go over her tits and saw a little yellow river flowing all over her black body straight to her crotch. Ofcourse I couldn't withstand the urge to lick her all over downwards, craddling her balls drowned in my pee, licking her tits.
From her looks I could tell she was enjoying the warmth, the intimicy of the act.
Then I went to a store to get us a bottle of German white wine, Erben Riesling.
The wonderful thing was that she presented it as a surprise, but somehow knew I would enjoy such a fetish.
That's a compliment for me, but she also deserves one for her courage, the risk she took for me freaking out!

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