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Dressing with my cousin

My First Time

When I was about 16, I would spend my Summer vacations, from school, at my Uncles’ house. My cousin and I would sleep in one bedroom, with two beds. He was three years older then me and always knew what we could do, to have fun. I looked up to him and wanted to be like him. We had no secrets between us and we shared everything.
One afternoon I came home early, from a friends’ house and found my cousin standing in front of a full length mirror, dressed in a blond wig, black nylons, yellow panties, bra and a yellow summer dress. I could see he was stroking himself under the dress. At first, he was so in to seeing himself, he didn’t know I was there. Standing in the hall, I got very excited and hard watching him! He made a very comely girl, I had to stair to see it really was him. I was shocked at how turned on it made me, to stand there, watching him.
After a few minutes he must of heard me, because he turned around and smiled. I knew I was busted, so I walked in.
He slowly walked over, reached out and stroked me. He said, “You must of liked what you saw”. I was so shocked, all I could do was stand there and nod. Then he asked me if I’d like to feel what he felt like. I wasn’t sure I knew what he was asking, but again, all I could do was nod.
He took my hand, placed it under his dress and over his bulge. I couldn’t believe how hot it felt. I could feel his penis getting bigger under the soft panties he wore.
I started stroking him, through the material. He closed his eyes and told me it felt so good. After a few minutes, again he asked me if I’d like to know what it felt like. I told him yes and without a word, I started undressing.
He had an old suitcase he kept his woman’s cloths in and after picking out some cloths, which he laid out on his bed, he showed me how to put them on. First the garter belt, then nylons, panties, bra and a dress. To top it off he gave me a black wig and showed me how to put it on. He only had one pair of high heels, so I went without.

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