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Dressing and driving

A little about me, I'm married, and wife doesn't have a clue I like to dress up. I would love to have her know and accept it, but I don't think she would. I do cam and love to get instructions from people that are watching on cam. Am I a sub? I think I am. I like to drive dressed. When I take a drive up to northern Wisconsin, I love to drive while dressed. It is always around 5 am when I leave a little dark but getting light. I can't get dressed at home and walk out to my vehicle. I don't have a garage either.

So, I have to dress in my vehicle before I get on the expressway. So, I drive to a parking lot next to a restaurant. There are plenty of big windows at this restaurant and a lighted parking lot. I park, so my driver's door is within view of the windows. I strip out of my man clothes the put on my girlie clothes. I will wear a bustier with stays for nylons, heels, g-string panties, blouse, wig, and a short skirt. Doing this gets my clitty very hard. Of course, doing this in a parked vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. Everything is not in its right place a little messy looking. To straighten my clothes out, I get out of the vehicle and adjust my clothes. I look at the windows and see no one looking at me. Not what I was hoping to see. Next time I do this drive, I get a little bolder and leave skirt off and put it on outside of my vehicle. My blouse is not long but just about tucks into my skirt. I'm doing this with my g-string showing and my ass in plain view for anyone to see. I don't see anyone looking unless they did when I wasn't trying to see if anyone is watching. Another letdown.

I can't drive all the way dressed, so I have to go to a wayside area to change. It is now bright daylight. I now have to walk into guys' restroom and change. Carrying my guy clothes in a bag, I walk to the building knowing there are a few semi trucks parked but no cars. Every time I walk to this building, there is no one in there. I always feel comfortable doing this.

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