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Don't mess with Mistress Toni.

Few months ago a guy contacted me online and asked if I did S&M. with a Tgirl.
Have done it before (Well very little I haven't done) and said "sure" I asked if he had done this sort of thing before and he said "Yes and I want you to do it "full on"

Kept chatting away online for a while and got the distinct impression he was telling me bullshit. I asked what kind of "safety word" he wanted to use and he didn't know what a "Safety Word" was but kept insisting that it would be o.k and wanted to do "Full on"

Told him to give me a call and we would work something out. When he rang I tried to persuade him that he might want me to go a bit easy and told to nominate a word as the "safe" word as the moment he walked in the door it would be on!

Went and put on my "mistress" outfit. Short black mini, leather knee high boots with stiletto heels, Black Stockings, Black Bra and long black gloves. Got out my very long straight black hair and put on pale make up with blood red lip stick. Almost scared the hell out of me when I looked in the mirror!. Went round my "special" room and got it ready placing some toys and nasty little implements around.

He arrived a few minutes late and it was on! I was really going teach this guy there is a big difference between fantasy and reality ;)

I opened the door and saw a very nervous average guy in his 40's. As he stepped threw the door I immediately pushed him against the wall and said "How dare you keep me waiting you fucking little maggot, who the fuck do you think you are?"

Shoved him towards the room and told him to go in and fucking wait and don't you touch anything (knowing full well he would). After a few minutes I went in and he was sitting on the bed. I saw that some strategically placed black lace panties had been touched and started to abuse him for touching them. Then told him to strip off get down in front of me and kiss my boots and suck my heels.

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