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Dirty man,dirty dick : friday fail.

Friday march 22,2019 :
I went to the date I had with the guy who promised to pay me for a fuck.
He was there,waiting I kept walking and i gave him a sign by my eyes,he followed me behind rocks.
I learned from my experience,that any guy goes mad and want anal,when I do blowjob,so I started by pulling his
dick,I jerked it then started blowjob...I smelled a really bad odor, I asked him if he fucked someone or if
he got blowjob.. he said no,I thought he's not lying cause his dick stood up quickly,I sucked it really good (thinking I'm doing my job)
but didn't enjoy cause of the bad odor and taste (dirty man).
When I felt he's about to cum I stopped to ask him about the money he promised to fuck,he asked me if his dick wont hurt my ass ? I laughed
and said : "give me the money and hurt it if you can".He replied : " I think the money is with the guardian of dozer park" hahaha that was the
worse lie I've ever heard !! he told me : "wait here, I'll bring the money and be back".
I knew he's lying,but I thought he'll just walk arround and be back to say : "that's all what I have"... I told to myself,it's ok if he bring half the price.
Meanwhile,I meditated about the sexual practice,being a follower of Inanna,I sweared to not have anal fuck without being paid,it's the 1st rule
of prostitution : "males must pay for desire".I can accept to do blowjob and the price is for me the sperm I swallow,wich is good.
Next time,I'll try to find permanent clients,many men prefere anal,while their women hate to get anal fucked,it's here where we should play
our role.

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