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Different tgirl strokes

Different Tgirl Strokes I love the different ways each of my favourite tgirls penetrate me when they fuck me. They all have different styles when they initially enter me and how they slide their tgirl 'clitty' in and out of me.

One of them is 'rough' with me and likes to just thrust straight in, whether I am ready or not. It always takes me by surprise even though I know its coming. Their favourite move to get things going is to get me on my back, a pillow under my ass, lift my legs, holding on to my ankles, spread my legs and just thrust right in. Their 'aim' is good because its usually just a short, sharp thrust of their hips and I feel the head of their clitty open me up and the rest just slides in. Their clitty is long and thin and so it does not hurt too much and its an enjoyable moment of pain until they are sliding in and out of me freely.

Another is very slow and tender when entering me. She is a post op and likes to fuck me with her with her lovely, flexible, jelly strap-on dildo. Its about 8" long, ribbed and quite thick. She always lubes me well and slides a few fingers in first to loosen me up. Then, when I am ready, she kneels on the bed with me on my back, spreads my legs and positions the head of the strap-on dildo at the entrance to my ass and pushes the head in and stops to let me relax and get used to it before sliding in a little more and then stops again before sinking into me all the way to where the strap-on meets the harness she is wearing. Im sort of glad she does not just thrust in, I think if she did I would split ;)

Yet another likes to take me from behind, usually with me on my knees in doggy and her kneeling on the bed behind me. She loves to tap her clitty on my ass and I love to feel her flesh and the sensation as she hardens a little with each tap. Then, when she is ready, she spreads my ass cheeks and positions the head of her clitty at the entrance to my ass and talks dirty to me, asking me how much I want it. She teases me by making me wait and its always a bit of a surprise when she slides in. Sometimes I can't wait and I push back on her clitty and 'force' her to slide in. Sometimes she scolds me for being too eager and pulls out, other times she just goes crazy and fucks me hard and tells me I'm a bad boy.

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