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Dianne The Trans

It all started a few weeks ago, I watched as she layed on the beach tanning her sweet body. She looked so hot wearing that pink bikini. Damn i wish i knew her name, or where she lived, maybe shes here on vaction. I don't think i've seen her before, but she does look familiar. Finally getting the courage i adjusted myself and walk over to her.

"Excuse me ma'am, but I own that cottage over there. It has a great tanning area, if you want you can use it for tanning."

She looked up at me with the sweetest smile, I thought I would burst when I saw it.

"Really! I have this nice body here, you can use it if you'd like then"


"No, not really. now do you want to fuck off"

What a bitch, I was being nice and all, she probably hasn't been laid in quite some time. Well I can fix that for her. I walked away grinning.

I followed her home and watched her over the next couple weeks, learning what her habits were, where she lived, what her name was, hell I probably knew more about her than I did myself. Diane was only 20 years older than myself, she always dressed like a slut and always shot down any man that hit on her. Thats okay she'll get whats coming to her and more.

Here she comes now, what this she bought a new outfit, I wonder how slutty this one looks?

She started to walk past my van when I jumped out and grabbed her I threw her in to the van and closed the door, she started screaming and tried open the door. I laughed because i had the child locks on. I jumped in and drove out to my cottage.

I dragged her into the house and down to the dungeon where she would be staying. I threw her bag in after her.

"Get changed slut. Your going to be my slave like it or not. I'm going to get something to eat"

With that said I left and locked the door behind me. I grabbed a bite to eat and had a shower.

Upon my return I found her dressed in a red mini skirt that just barely covered her ass, A black tube top that barely held her 34 C chest, and a nice pair of red fuck me pumps.

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