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I was walking around the local mall just doing some casual wandering shopping, not really looking for anything including what I found. I rounded the corner and there stood this amazing creature with long brown hair, deep blue eyes and the fullest lips I have seen in some time.

She was a fuller figured beauty and I was very intrigued with what I saw since she was very sultry and definitely sexy. I followed her into a couple of normal stores when she led me into a store I was apparently not paying attention to when I entered. It is hard to act casual when you realize that you are in a lingerie store.

"Moron." As a store clerk approached me, "Can I help you sir?" I mumbled, "Not really, I feel kind of foolish I was following that young lady over there and did not really notice where I was." She smiled politely and said to me; "That is Desiree, she is my roommate would you like to meet her?" I started blushing turning a nice shade of red my ears were on fire. "Yes, I am kind of shy though." I replied.

She took my hand and led me toward the fantasy girl I saw I could feel my body shaking and I definitely was sweating up a storm. "Desiree, this gentleman would like to meet you." the clerk pulling me into her. "I'm, I'm John." I said still blushing very hard. She smiled politely and took my hand, she felt like an angel touching me. My legs began to weaken and I wobbled a bit she steadied me, leading me out of the store to relieve some of the embarrassment.

"So, you wanted to talk to me?" She said still holding my hand leading me to the bench out front of the store. "Yes" I said shyly. She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder flirting with me. I loved it her hair touching my neck, it felt so silky and the curls tickled a little. "I just thought you were very cute and I wanted to get up the courage to ask you out or for a phone number." I said. She started blushing and stood up leading me from the bench.

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