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Deflowered by my First Man

It is morning. Sunlight steams through the window. I wait. I feel beautiful. A soft flower to be opened gently, petal-by-petal. My scent a dawn mist over fresh primrose.
You open my bedroom door and your gaze meets my own. I am dressed all in white - pure and untouched. Freshly bathed, with perfectly smooth skin.
You are wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I blush at the sight of you, but I want you. I want to please you.

“Hello my love,” I say quietly “I think I am ready for you now.”

Still looking at you, I run my hands over my lace bra, cupping my breasts. I feel my nipples tease my palms. My white lace thong thinly covers my crotch. My pale, bare skin shows through invitingly.
Over all this, a translucent white babydoll nightie, its hem only halfway covering my bottom.

“Turn around so I can see,” you say.

I turn so my back is toward you. The string of my thong runs flimsily up my bottom crack – offering the gift of my availability. You walk up slowly, I feel the fingers of your left hand resting gently on my hip.
You put a right-hand finger where the string starts, between my thighs. Then, slowly, you drift that fingertip over the snow-white fabric running up my bum crack. I quiver with delight.

“Oh, darling, you’re making me feel so horny!” I murmur, half giggling, because I feel embarrassed at my lust.

You turn me around with your hand, as though we are dancing.
In my mind I know I can only give the precious gift of my cherry to one man, and that man is you.

I hear myself say “I want you to be my first - are you ready to take me?”

You put your hands on my bare bottom cheeks and draw me close. You kiss my lips. Quick, gentle but passionate kisses. And then a long, deep kiss, your lips caressing mine, gripping my bottom with both hands and pulling me against your body.
I feel your desire. The strong material of your jeans and your bulging cock beneath the metal zip pressing against me. I raise my thigh as we kiss, rubbing your leg invitingly. I slap your bottom playfully, just once.

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