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Darlene, Jack & I Part One

I was driving home from a local peep theater when my car broke down luckily I knew a couple from work that lived nearby. I called my road service company who told me they were unable to help me before Monday since it was a three day holiday weekend. Luckily, when I arrived at their home someone was there or I would have been in big trouble having traveled nearly 60 miles to get to the theater in the first place.

Darlene answered the door in a tight black teddy with three inch heels on which of course I thought was odd but she always was a snappy dresser at work. I saw she had a bit of drool on her lips when she saw me but I thought nothing of it as I knew she was married to Jack who happened to be my boss and any relationship between me and her could easily result in repercussions at work by him. I told her my problems and she nodded inviting me in saying it was no big deal for me to stay till Monday if I wanted as her and Jack weren’t planning on doing anything anyway.

I asked her to at least put on a robe before Jack got home from wherever he was at to which she replied, “He won’t give a shit he’s off at some theater sucking off his buddy while I am home all alone.” Still wiping drool from her lips as she looked at me like some piece of fresh meat on a plate in a steak bar. I wasn’t sure how to react as I knew I wanted to taste Darlene in every way possible but with Jack in a position to ruin my career those desires may very well be denied despite her sensuous looks and desires.

I worked hard to avoid her aggressive behavior for a couple of hours till Jack arrived home and seemed happy to see me at his house. “Great no worries I will show you to your room and then we can have dinner and drinks.” I didn’t argue just followed him upstairs to the last room on the right as I noted where the bathroom was in relation to my room just in case at night. He led me into the room and told me there should be clothes in the closet I can help myself to if I want to change out of my clothes then he left me to my own devices in my new room.

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