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Daddy looking for his sissy sub

You come over. Your cock is in a cage from last time. I go exercise so you can shower and dress up. You make sure your ass is clean.

You put on lingerie, miniskirt, stockings, sexy top. Makeup. Wig. You now look like the woman you always wanted to be. You get ready for dinner and cook for your man. After making up you know that you should already be ready for sex with your daddy.

I come home and give you a kiss I tell you to turn around and bend over. I pull down your panties and insert a sexy plug into your ass. Pat your bottom and tell you to continue while I get ready.

Back from a shower I’m hungry. I kiss you again. You’ve been a good sub so dinner is ready and the wine is poured. We have a nice meal. Before dessert I make you climb under the table and suck me. You can feel your ass open as you get excited.

You clean up while I relax. You come over and we begin to make out. I tell you to bend over so I can look at your ass. I pull down your panties and start to rub you. I can see your butt plug and nice ass ready for me.
I tell you to turn around and suck me. I play with your butt plug and exam your cock cage. Spank you a bit. Take out your plug

I make you turn around with your buns in the air. Lube you up and finger you before inserting my cock. Slow at first to let you get used to my size.

You feel me going slow and start getting into it. You can feel your dick straining against the cage as my dick goes in-and-out. I turn you around and continue to plow into you. Taking my time to stretch your ass.

You’re now on top riding me. You can feel the cock cage bouncing as you slide up and down my pole.

I turn you over and after lots more fucking cum in your hole. I pull out, take off the condom and stick my dick in your mouth. I rub my cum covered dick around your face as you try to clean it. If you’re lucky I’ll fuck you again.

We hang out a bit before I go for a shower. You clean up from dinner just like a real woman.

After apartment is clean I let you shower and change. If you’ve been a good sub there may be some money on the table for you.

Mid-40s, western man looking for steady Asian CD/sub-sissy for regular, very discreet meetings.

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