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Crossdresser for first time

Hello, first of all excuse my spelling, my first lenguage is not English.

I have been a CD since I was 15 years old. I used to wear my sisters dirty clothes in the bathroom. I perfect remember when I cum for first time as a CD using a pair of panties and bra back day. I always check out underware section while walking on the stores and dreaming wearing anything sexy and being fucked by a hot guy. After being just a closet CD I started to broadcast myself dressed as a woman and finding guys who would like to get fun talking dirty to each other and being a sex slave via internet, it was so much fun and some guys made me cum sometimes just on reading their dirty lenguage! After that now at my 26s I was on a friends house alone and I decided to look around the house for women clothes, you know anything a girl had forget when they past tthe night with him, he had a mess in his closet but i found a very pretty black dress and some very sexy legins. I decided to stole those and get back to my place and start broadcasting myself again. I have some panties and bras my exgirlfriend forgot when she used to stay with me back on our relationship. So I put the panties then the gym legins, the bra and a wig, i dont like to show my face so i have this mask just to cover my eyes. i was feeling so sexy and wanting to feel a dick behind me and be treated as a woman, so I decided to post an ad on internet looking for a man wanting a CD. I asked for pictures to see how they looked like and select one to be my first one.

So after getting a lot of responses I decided to contact a guy to come a visit me. I was so damn nervous but i wanted it. I told the guy i will leave another mask at my front door so he can use and of course to find my place, when i heard the bell i was already so horny and erect, personally i can say i looked hot as woman. When i opened the door first thing he said was "wow i wasnt expecting this"
And with a smile in his face he entered my place, closed the door and grabbed me by my hips and told me "tonight i am going to make you feel like my bitch" and i responded "im ready to be fucked baby" as he grabbed my ass and kissing my neck I started to feel his hard dick in my hand then he turned me over and started to rub his dick in my ass still with my leggins.

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