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cindy and r.sissy

I meet cindy online we organized to meet at a motel l got there first l got ready l put on my black latex half cat suit my black with red trim latex blouse l put on my red platform thigh boots l was starting to get a hard cock but lhad makeup to put on did that and a great long shoulder length blonde wig l looked like a slut . Ten minutes later a knock on the door its cindy we meet for the first time we look at each other as l close the door well we both took hold of each other and we started kissing deep kissing l took hold of her cock while l was kissing her l unzipped my latex and out came my hard cock as well l took hold of our cocks while still kissing her and massaged them and pulling them cindy starts going right off kissing me all over my face her tongue is going in and out of my mouth l then tell cindy who's a submissive to get on her knees and suck my rock hard cock god is she a good cock sucker she Neeley made me cum l made her stop ,me being the dominant one here got her to tongue kiss me tasting my pre cum yum .lts my turn to have some fun on her cock l go down l put it in my eager mouth sucking long and hard feels wonderful deep in my mouth in and out .l them lay her on the bed face down and get a good look at her pussy l go right in with my tongue licking and probing that love hole l, m in heaven taking her balls in my mouth then back to her love hole .l then turn her over sit her up and put my tongue deep in her mouth our tongues both loving it l stand her up still kissing l take hold our cocks together pulling them as they are together as one cock our tongues are are going wild .l put my sub back on her knees she is going wild for my cock now she tongue licking my very very hard cock taking my balls in her slutty mouth we seem to do this to each other for ages its so much fun being sluts together love r.sissy

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