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Chicago TG Romance

Most transgendered girls I have met want to be treated and romanced just as a normal girl would. Only in the height of passion should your animal instincts take over. I was in a Las Vegas club earlier this year and had great conversation with some tranny women. I was instructed if I wanted to meet someone while traveling on business, do not just go to Craig’s List and look. Use a reputable website where you may search for escorts and companionship. Most these girls want to be treated with respected like a woman because that is what they really are on the inside. (just a little less testosterone than you).
While we’re on that subject, transgendered girls that use female hormones sometimes do not get an erection as easy so be patient.
I flew to Chicago on business, and had already met several transgendered girls online and conversed with them over a period of time so they would get to somewhat know me and that I’m a nice person. I often think how hard it is to meet people let alone be treated well.
Being from California you would not expect me to enjoy Chicago, but it is really a great place so much to see and do downtown. I checked into the hotel unpacked and decided I’ll give one of the girls I met online a call, and see if we could meet. I called Beth because she was the most liked of the two and showed me pictures of herself in a beauty contest. Hi Beth this is Jon, I am here in Chicago on business. She said, Wow yes you told me you were coming to town. I said would you like to meet later and I can buy you dinner? She agreed asked where I was staying and said she and a girlfriend would meet me at a pizza place north of the city off I-94. When you see Six Flags amusement park get off that exit. So that night I drove and found the exit, called her cell and to my surprise she was waiting for me and had ordered pizza. Now if you never had Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, it will feed an army. I have never in my complete life had better pizza. Beth was very attractive she was wearing jeans with mule heels and a nice top.

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