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Chicago TG Romance (part 3)

It is Sunday morning, just barely dawn and I have just spent the weekend with the most amazing girl. You know when everything clicks and it seems that at first you have met the person you want to spend time with and share with. Beth was standing at the glass windows full length and the sun was just starting to show a light orange sky to her silhouette. She had on a baby doll teddy that was see through and I could see her breast in the silhouette and the shape of her legs as they came together at the top. I got out of bed slipped on my Calvin Klein briefs and walked over, wrapped my arms around her and she snuggled as to say good morning, I am so happy. What are you up thinking about? She said: today is your last day, you will fly back to California tonight and I feel you might be like others and never call me again. I took her face in my hands and said I would be the biggest jerk in the world. I kissed her and she rubbed against me, and took her hand and rubbed my crotch to see if it awakened me. I said don’t you think I wonder the same thing? I have off in 2 weeks I want you to come to California and join me we can go on vacation together. We kissed again and she turned around and let me hug her from the back where I slid my hand to her cock and it was starting to get aroused. As I rubbed her small cock it was amazing just maybe 3 inches and slightly stiff and how quickly it became twice the size and stuck straight out in front of her. I’m sure she could feel my cock trying to spring to life because I felt the pressure of her ass pressing against it. Ummm you feel nice. We both stood together kissing fondling and I took my hands rubbed against her erect nipples, and Beth again started breathing deeply and just the thought made me so damn hard. The sun was on the horizon now, and Beth slipped her hand down my briefs and freed my cock. She kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth tickling my balls at the same time. I said let’s get away from the window II know someone will be watching. She thought that funny, who the hell cares? We started over to the bed and I tripped on my underwear, both of us started laughing hysterically, and I mentioned it was enjoyable having someone to laugh with when I do stupid things.

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