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Chapter 1- The River: Danielle

I was 22 at the time and working for a well known hotel in Tampa. It was a typical, steamy, muggy, day and I couldn't wait to end my shift and catch a spring training game with my friends. The craving for a hot pretzel and a cold beer was strong, so I made a quick walk to make sure all was ship-shape, then duck the fuck out. I was coming around the outside corner by the valet area when I saw her.

Emerging from a clean, white Infinity was a goddess with long, wavy brunette hair, a Michael Kors clutch and Versace oval shades. Her bangs came just to the rim of her sunglasses that rested on her high cheeks and her lips glistened. She was made up head-to-toe with baby blue nails in a pair of shiny, red stilettos, hip hugger jeans and a flowing white blouse that coyly covered her ample cleavage. I took a deep breathe, walked over and did my best job of welcoming her, grabbing her bags and taking her inside to get her checked in. One of my co-workers gave me a look admiration. The guy other shot me daggers. It was the only time he could complain about me doing his job for him.

I quickly ran through the procedures to get Ms. Evetta squared away. She seemed reserved but wasn't soft-spoken when she complimented the speed at which I did my job. I told her I was supposed to clock out five minutes ago but my friends always show up late to the games anyways. I handed over her key card and stepped around to pick up her suitcase and overnight bags. She told me I didn't have to since I was late for my plans, but I insisted. She made a little pout and stomp but then flashed her radiant smile. I smiled back and asked her to follow me. As we awaited the elevator she asked, "You treat all of your guests with this level of service?" Giving her my most charming grin, I calmly responded, "Absolutely. Just trying to get you out of this heat as quickly as possible."
"I know! Its particularly brutal today!"
"Is this your first time in Tampa?"
"No. I've been here before for a couple of other tournaments. Poker tournaments."
"Ahhh... You're here for the one at (hotel name withheld)?" The doors slid apart.

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