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CD Jinn New Adventure

So my last story "college experience" was about one of my three roommates finding out I was a cross dresser along with his girlfriend. His girlfriend Stacy encouraged him to dominate me and display power over me. I think that is really what she enjoys seeing. While he was slipping his cock in and out of my ass she was force fucking my tongue and face with her pussy and her juices were flowing.

So it was a couple weeks after the first encounter and nothing had really been said about the sexual experience. My roommate acted like it never happened and nothing was different. I think he is rather embarrassed about the whole thing. He hasn't told our other roommates, and still doesn't talk to me much.

It was a nice Saturday the first since winter had ended and it was warm! I was excited to spend some time outside in the sunshine. Me and one of my roommates were playing catch with a football when my other roommate and Stacy showed up. They watch us play a while and joined in. Then everyone went their separate ways and I don't know how it happened but it ended up being me home alone with my roommate and Stacy.

I was sitting in the living room when Stacy walked in sitting down next to me. My roommate didn't join her. She looked at me and whispered "I can't stop thinking about your ass bouncing on my boyfriends cock. That was so sexy Jinn." I blushed and looked away, and said "where is he?" She said "oh he will be here in a second Jinn he has something he wants to ask you."

I thought what in the world would he want from me. Then he walked in with his hands behind his back and looking down he said "Would Jinn be able to go for a walk with us?" I thought why would he ask if Jinn could go? Then he moved his hands from behind his back to in front holding out a summer dress. It was so cute. It was light blue with white trim. I got excited looking at it. Then Stacy whispered to me "He picked that out you know... He saw it and thought it would look good on you"

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