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CD first time getting fucked by a guy

It starts I was 20 years old I love to wear women's clothes it felt great to wear them the panties on the bra the wig the make up the sexy slutty clothes one night I was getting ready to go out with the girls to a club I got on a black and purple thong and bra on then some black stockings on then a short black skirt with a crop top I then put on my make up bright red lip stick and all the other stuff we left at 9:30 pm we arrived it got to about 10:45 we were drinking dancing having a good time when I see a big guy looking at me I look at him he's looks up and down me he walks up to me and asks if he can buy me a drink I say yes later on in the night we are dancing I'm grinding on him then he grads me arm and takes me in to the toilet we go in to a cubical we kiss with passion I put my hand down his trousers I feel his huge warm hard cock I take off his trousers and it pops out in to my face I then lick it from top to bottom I then start to suck his huge cock I gag as he pushes it down my throat he then lifts me up and pulls me skirt down my cock is as hard as fuck he then bends me over the toilet and spits on my tight ass hole and rubs his finger around my hole then he pushes it in I m moan with pleaser and pain he thrust for 15 minutes then pulls out of my ass and gets me on my knees I open my mouth and he exploded with cum it hit me in the face his hot long strands of cum hit my face after he'd cumed I clean his cock he puts his trousers back on and walks out leavening me with cum on my face a the door open

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