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caught with my pants off

When they walked in the unlocked door, I froze like a deer caught in headlights.

Although Carol was my girlfriend and we had great sex, I still enjoyed my closet dressing.
I love the feel of lingerie and the way lingerie makes feel like a woman. Well, one afternoon when no one was around, I took a bubble bath and pampered myself. Then I dressed entirely in Carol’s lingerie and sexiest short skirt. I was feeling sexy when in through the unlocked front door, Carol and her sister walked in, I couldn’t say or move a muscle. Carol and her sister just casually walked around me and looked me up and down. I was totally surprised when her sister took my hand and took me in the bathroom and handed me her make up bag. She told me to finish the job.
I went to work as soon as she closed the door behind her. I had on her sexiest sheer blouse, her black mini skirt, and her 4” heels. I then took great care in applying mascara. This was the first time that I have been caught since knowing Carol. I hoped she approves. I walked out scared but feeling like a woman. My surprise was that the girls were there but also our gay neighbor Bob. They all looked at me with sinister but approving eyes. I have always thought that Carol was a bit of a control freak but I didn’t’t’ expect this from her. Carol said that I’m her bitch now, and had her sister take pictures. The gay informed me that if I don’t want these pictures shown to my friend’s id have to suck his cock. He dropped his pants and pointed to his overdeveloped cock, it was huge just hanging there. The girls just looked at me and said, if I dress like one I better suck like one. I dropped to my knees and delicately grabbed his cock with my fingers and began to slowly stroke it. It grew before my eyes. I sensually held it as if it were a rose. My hands couldn’t cover it, it was a beautiful 9” and still growing, it was getting hotter with every stroke. I liked the feel of it growing in my hands. I really liked it. Then Carol said “suck it, now”, and I hungrily put it in my mouth and felt his cock growing and widening my jaw, and again she said “suck it”, I started sucking and with my mouth watering I greedily started sucking hard with a sexual desire I have never felt before

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