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Caught Watching Free Mobile Shemales

I was watching Free Mobile Shemales on my phone browser during my lunch break when the phone rang. Annoyed by the fact that someone is interrupting my free time, I answered angrily "Yes, who is it?". "Wrong number", said a female voice, "Sorry to interrupt you lunch!", and she hanged up. I was angry, but then I thought "How the hell she knew I was having lunch?". Thinking it might be a prank call from the office, I disregarded the whole thing.

Next day - same thing. As soon as I started browsing Free Mobile Shemales, the phone rang, and I was sure someone is teasing me. Soon there was a text message "Meet me tomorrow on the same spot. Your shemale." I was a bit scared, thinking someone might slander me for my interest in shemales. But then again, I was also interested, and this was an interesting mystery.

I waited the next day - in fact, I took a longer break just for that - and a tall girl approached me. "Sorry to disturb you", she said, "I didn't know how to make a move on you. I saw you were interested in shemales, and real men are so hard to find. Would you like to have a drink with me later?" Of course I agreed, baffled by this stroke of luck and excited that finally I can enjoy with a real shemale.

We had a drink that night and one thing led to another; soon the evening turned into a festival of sex. She had long, slender legs ending in a round little but which I licked, penetrating her little tight hole with my tongue; I was all over her crack, preparing it for my stiffening cock. I grabbed her own cock from behind through her thong, and I could feel it getting harder in my hand.

She rubbed her ass against my face, inviting me inside; I pushed my cock, how hard as a steel bar, into her tight ass hole and she gasped from pleasure. Grabbing her tits, I continued to fuck her like mad, while the Free Mobile Shemales site was making noise in the background. After what seemed like hours, she came violently, spraying cum over the sheets.

I continued to stretch her ass, but I wanted more; I moved on top of her, putting my cock in her mouth, making it gasp for air as I filled her throat with my semen. She licked my cock head and balls while we were getting ready for another hot sex session that night, only one of many to come.

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