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Castro - goddess of love (starter)

Nobody would have believed the scene was true, slender, smooth and tanned legs crossed is such a such deliberately provocative way as to reveal a glimpse of sharp white panties. A tightly fitting, classically styled little black dress cut to ensure firm large breasts were displayed to maximum effect through the low neck. Blonde hair spun from liquid sunlight, not curly but not straight more like lines of gentle waves tumbling past shoulders and spilling onto her breasts.

A face so angular, with high check bones that it would be considered unattractive anywhere else, but here, framed as it was and radiating a primal lustful energy. And why was this scene so unbelievable? Because this sister of Aphrodite was sitting opposite me, on the stool at my breakfast bar where not three hours ago I was eating porridge.

“Look miss, I’m happy for you to wait here until the recovery van arrives but are you sure you don’t need to call anyone else?” “No, she replied” in a strangely husky voice “but I do need to repay you” she let the words roll slowly out of her perfect red lips and flashed the most wicked smile. She stood, and before I could reply, her dress was unzipped, off her shoulders and being wiggled out of like deadly snake shaking its skin. A prefect 10 of a body, tanned, hairless and blemish free glowed and was constrained by white lingerie, plain unadorned cotton panties and bra.

The bra was removed in one fluid motion of an arm stretched behind her back, causing her breasts to rise as they feel free from the cups and as it feel to the floor she ran red lacquered nails around her nipples that responded with a flush of blood rising hard as my cock pushing against my jeans.
As she murmured in quite pleasure her hands moved to her groin and slid inside her panties, reaching low she untucked a tiny, soft little cock from its hiding place and pulled her panties aside allowing the most deliciously looking penis I have ever seen to grow ever so slightly. Such a little tower of clean pink love rising above an empty scrotum relieved of its testicles crowned in film of pre-cum signalling how long she had been thinking erotic thoughts.

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