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Cast party

My name is Dan, and I have always considered myself an adventurous and open minded person, but my experience was taken to a whole new level in my junior year of college when I got involved in an amateur theatre group. We all got along astoundingly well and I found myself becoming friends with several of my cast-mates. We often went out for drinks and to parties together and after a very successful production of Romeo and Juliet, we decided to have a cast party at an international sorority house where several of the girls in the cast lived. During the long months of rehearsals I had fallen under the spell of the leading lady, a beautiful petite blonde named Magda who had come to our school as an exchange student from Sweden.
One of her roommates, a French girl named Stephanie, had secretly pledged to help me have a chance with her, and it was Stephanie’s idea to have the cast party at their house. Magda and two of the other girls in her house were known as the “ice queens” because all three were blonde, beautiful, incredibly sexy, and equally difficult for any man to get into bed. To my surprise though, Magda really had become much friendlier since Steph started speaking up for me. She even sat on my lap a couple of times in the green room couch.

On closing night everything went perfectly, and we all arrived at the party house in high spirits. There were about 100 people all told at the party, but the house was enormous and there was no shortage of space or of private rooms to retire to if more intimate settings were required.
The music played on and the liquor flowed, and I found myself getting more and more aroused as Magda, in a tight, short little black dress and high heels, danced sensuously with me occasionally gracing me with a soft and passionate kiss. Eventually she led me by the hand, and with an inviting look full of desire took me to one of the bedrooms. It was spacious, but I was surprised to find it full of people. This was not at all what I expected but I knew all 12 of them at least to some degree.

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