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Carioca holidays

My best friend was a shemale named Monica from Rio de Janeiro , she was a gorgeous and sexy brunette , many time at her home she use to tell me many story about her city and the fun you can have as a cd , also she says the guys are really hot and very well packed . One night we where chatting about the very first experience she had as a girl , i was amazed to hear the story of her teen years , joking around she told me that if i ever want to go to Rio she will give me some contact , and her friend number , so i could go around in safety and enjoy some hot party . I used to go on Monica house quite a lot , on first i went to her like a client , she was an escort , i was a cd and i was keen to have sex with a shemale as a lesbian , so i ask her if she would like to let me try the experience and make my dream come true . She was very sweet and she accepted , from that time i become a very good friend and sometime she get me involved with some customers of her as a threesome . After sometime i took the decision to spend 20 days of holiday in Brazil , and see for myself if it really was as Monica told me many times , i booked my flight and i decide to stay at a hotel , i told to Monica and quickly she activate all the friends of her , arranged the pick up at the airport etc . I arrived at Rio and i did not take with me a lot of stuff , only a pair of high heels shoes , my make up , couple of minidress some lingerie , at the airport a guy named Leo was waiting for me , and he escort me at my hotel , after the check in , i ask him if he want to come in my room for a chat and a drink , he accepted , as i was in a hurry to take a shower i told him to have a sit and wait few minutes , i open my luggage and pick up the beauty , and a red slips , i left the luggage open over the bed , i finished my shower and i went back on the room , Leo was sit as i left him , but over the bed now was the lingerie and my red minidress , i ask him if he would like to see me as Suellen , he answer

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