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Car Broke Down

A Fantasy: Car Broke Down
My car was running hot so I pulled into a driveway so that it would cool
down. I got out and raised the hood and added some water. I then got back
inside and smoked a cigarette and sipped on a beer that I had. I listened
to the radio and glanced out the window and saw a beautiful woman approaching
my car. She stopped pretty far away and asked if I needed any help? I said
not really, just letting my car cool off. She approached closer and I noticed
she had a cigarette in her mouth but not lit. I asked if she'd like a lite
and she replied yes and leaned in as I lit it. She was beautiful and sexy and
my mind raced with having her. She walked around to the front of the car and
asked if any hoses where broken and I said no, I don't think so but it would
be a good idea to check so I got a flashlight and got out and went around to
the front where she was. I shined the light down and didn't notice anything
was wrong. I told her the car was probably just low on water and it would
cool off shortly. The flashlight beam cased her body for just a second and
I saw she was wearing a sexy mini-skirt and blouse. My mind was racing even
more on having her. We chatted for awhile in the hot summer air. She told
me her name was Robin and I told her mine name is Bob. Robin said she always
wanted a sports car as she walked around to the door. I said they are pretty
nice except when they run hot. She smiled and leaned inside the door to look
at the interior. In the moon-lit night, I saw her beautiful stocking-covered
legs as her mini-skirt rose up. She said it was very nice and I replied that
I loved it. She thought I was talking about the car's interior but I was
really talking about her. She slid back out and we continued to talk. I
asked her if she wanted some of my beer since it was such a hot summer night
and she took the can and drank what was left, leaving me none. I shyly said,
"Thanks alot, now there was none left for me!" She smiled and said she had
some beer inside her house and she'd give me a cold can before leaving.

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