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On the way back from Sidcup one evening last Summer I was busting for a piss. Getting near Croydon, I was looking for either a toilet or a wooded area. They seem to be closing all the toilets down nowadays. Just as I was near the stage of wetting myself, I noticed a sort of drive-in between bushes so made for that. That drive-in opened up to a small car park. I hurriedly parked my car in the corner, got out, noticed another three cars parked there, rushed over the bank, got my cock out and, whew, what a relief.

As I was getting to the final jet stream I heard moans and squeals. I hastily tucked my cock back in my slacks and ventured just a little further in. There was a couple going at it hammer and tongs in a clearing. They were roughly in their 30's, and she was all dressed for sex with a black and red suspender belt and black stockings. He had his slacks down to his ankles and her legs were wrapped round his thighs. I stood on a dry twig, which snapped, and they saw me. Instead of telling me to bugger off, he beckoned me over and indicated that I should get my cock out, which I did. I knelt down and he took hold of my dick and put it in his mouth. Suddenly, he let out a roar and spunked right up her. They then got dressed. She had a pair of black and red panties that had been under her. They walked over to their car and drove off after thanking me and hoping that we'd meet again.

God I was horny. I got back into my car, slid over to the passenger seat, lowered it, and got my cock out again, which was still hard. I was giving it a good wank with my eyes closed.

Suddenly, I heard a tap at the window. I hastily pulled my slacks up to see a woman standing there. She indicated that I should lower the window, which I did. Suddenly, she put her arm in and grabbed my cock. She pulled it out, bent over the windowsill, and took it in her mouth. She was an attractive woman in her late 40's, slim and nicely dressed. God, I was in heaven.

Then I heard footsteps in the gravel and saw this bloke come up behind her, lift her dress, and ram his cock into her. I put my hand down between her legs and could feel this massive piece of meat slamming in and out of her. She too was wearing stockings and suspenders, but what color? I couldn't see, as it was getting quite dark by now.

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