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Born to suck

I’m a straight guy who watches to much porn and when I hit my thirty’s regular porn was getting boring.
while searching the web I stumbled across some tranny porn, now I always loved blowjob porn it was my favourite but now watching a big dicked tranny getting her cock sucked is my favourite and I don’t think it will ever get boring.
it just does something to me like never before and makes my cock stir.
I’ve been watching tranny porn for years and never acted on it.
If I’m being honest I didn’t like the idea of being fucked in the ass and still had no problem getting hard with women but I just couldn’t get the idea of sucking a big cock attached to a shemale out of my head.
The way I pictured it in my mind is that I would be tricked and tied up and pretend I didn’t want to and would get my mouth fucked by a dominant shemale.
I thought this would never come true for me until I got a week alone to myself and plucked up the courage to talk to an escort.
We texted back and forth and I told her my fantasy and we decided we would meet in a bar as if it wasn’t planned and I would invite her back to my hotel and she would convince me to put handcuffs on before surprising me with her secret but nothing could prepare me for the events that would happen that night.
When I arrived at the hotel bar I was very nervous with nothing but a description and a picture from the website I was hoping she was as beautiful as she described and looked on the internet and not just a bloke in drag.
I was buying a drink when a beautiful jet black haired lady sat next to me and when seeing her I thought there was no way this could be her because she was one of the most sexy women I had ever seen dressed in a white low cut vest top showing off her ample cleavage and sexy tight leather trousers providing a great view of her shapely behind finished with 6 inch heels and a few bangles and such .
She introduced herself and I offered her a drink she must of knew who I was by how fidgety and nervous I was but she soon calmed me down with her small talk and womanly demener, which was what I wanted.
We had a few drinks and laughs and she said she had to leave so I invited her to stay and have a night and in my room to which she agreed.

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