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Blowing Strangers

I was headed back into town from a couple weeks on the road and decided to stop for the night at a particular hotel, because it a had a small bar attached. After getting a room, I went upstairs to change. As usual, my outfit was right on the border of sexy and slutty. The five inch heels might have been a bit much for a hotel bar, but I love high heels and they made my ass look good in my mini skirt.
I was sitting at the bar having a drink when I noticed a not unattractive man looking at me, I smiled at him and went back to my drink. A few minutes later the bartender brought another drink over and said the man at end of the bar sent it. I gave the man that I had noticed earlier a smile and a little wave then sipped my new drink. It was not long before the man walked up next to me and asked if he could sit and I told him sure.
We drank and made small talk, why are you in town and what about this weather? Before long the bartender came up and told us he was about to close the bar. My new friend told me that he had a bottle in his room if I wanted to go there. Well I knew where this was leading, so I said” Well, that depends on what you think about what I say next”. Looking at me he asked” Oh God, you are not a hooker are you?”. This made me smile and I replied” Oh no. I would never charge for a romp in the sheets, but I am a tranny”. He stared at me while he processed what I said then comically asked” This doesn’t mean you want to fuck my ass does it?”. Unable to hold back the smile I told him” No. That is not what I like, but if I go to your room I will be very disappointed if you do not fuck me in the ass”. Standing up he said” Follow me”.
Upon entering his room, he told me to have a seat and he would fix us some drinks. I took a seat on the love seat and waited for him. He walked up with a glass in each hand and not missing a beat, I had his fly down and his cock in my mouth while he stood there holding drinks. He had the perfect size cock for me to take it all into my mouth and rub my nose in his pubes every time I thrust forward. After a few minutes, I heard the sound of drinking glasses being discarded and felt his hands on my head as he fucked my face.

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