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It was only when she emerged from the bedroom in a purple silk nightie that not only clung to her full breasts, but also betrayed the hint of a bulge between her legs, that I realised that it was actually going to happen: my fantasy of sleeping with a black shemale was about to come true. She paused at the bedroom door and smiled at me.

'You like what you see?'

I did indeed, but my mouth was too dry for me to say anything, so I just smiled back and nodded. Sasha looked as good as in the picture I'd seen online on the escort site. Chocolate brown skin, soft, generous lips, a cute smile, big brown eyes -- and a body to die for. With those curves and that pretty face there was no way anyone out on the street could have imagined the surprise that was awaiting under her clothes. According to the profile on the site, it was '8 inches and fully functional'. I couldn't wait to find out.

I'd been checking her out for a while on the website, but only for fun; I never thought I'd actually go ahead and meet her. It was a long-running fantasy of mine to be with a black tranny and occasionally I'd picture her while I jerked off. But I was in a relationship -- it was just escapism. Then my girlfriend and I broke up. At the back of my mind, throughout the trauma of her moving out, was the thought that now I could go ahead and do it, I could live out my fantasy, there was nothing stopping me now. Still, it took me a week of being on my own before I had the courage to go back on the site. I guess I knew that once I was on there, I wouldn't be able to hold myself back. So one night, after I'd had a beer or two, I opened my laptop and typed in the web address, then searched for her profile. I hovered the cursor over the e-mail address linked to her profile for a couple of seconds; then I clicked.

Now what I'd asked for her to do to me in that e-mail was about to become a reality. I'd woken up that morning itching with excitement knowing that today was the day it was finally going to happen.

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