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Bimbo Barbiex

Ooh hiya boys, I'm Barbie Leigh, a naughty little bimbo tranny, 19 yr old, 5'7" tall, blond, blue eyes, slim and tanned with a hot curvy ass. I have been dressing as Barbie since I was probs about 16 and I'm very well versed when it comes to horny guys and how to please them.lolzzz.
As I said I'm a proper bimbo, dumb and blond and I love cock,lolzzz. Forgive me if I appear a little stupid, it's just cos I'm blond,lolzzz. I love everything that's very girly, pink and white are my fave colours.

At present I stay at home, but my parents work away a lot giving me lots of spare time to become Barbie the bimbo tranny, dressing up and playing naughty games most days,lolzzzz. Last weekend I had the place to myself and decided to invite random guys round. I was in a tranny chat room and had lots of interest, I then asked if any guys in my area would like to come to mine and was stunned at the response. I just decided to put my address up in the main chat box, this was the Friday night. By Monday morning around 20 guys had been to the house and I had awoke in bed with 3 big Asian boys,lolzzz. OMG I do get about a bit,lolzzz.

The 3 big Asian boys were Yussif, Ammir and Kali, I love these big boys they look after me and treat me to nice things, clothes and I give them the hottest sex they can imagine in return. Incidentally it was these guys that I first ever had group sex with. I had got a part time job in this Indian restaurant that Kali owned. Yussif and Ammir are both cooks. Anyway, I had just been doing bar work in male mode. One night a waitress walked out and they were going to be stuck the following night for staff. I was meant to be off, but I joked that I would come in as a waitress the next evening. We all had a laugh and at the end of the night Kali said 'remember your working tomorrow'. I headed home went to bed and the next day after dressing up in a few things I remembered the waitress thing, so I took it upon my self to become Barbie and go to work as a waitress, so in my black hold ups, rather short black skirt, white blouse, black heels, underneath I had on a pink bra and panties. Fully made-up with bright pink glossed lips, I looked and felt like a proper little bimbo,lolzzz.

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