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Bike time and BekkaCD

Well it was a warm July evening last year during Muskegon Bike time. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy from the few drinks that i had earlier in the day. I had chose to post a ad on craigslist seeking a couple harley riders that would be into having some fun with a gurl such as myself.Well to my surprise i had gotten such a good response that I had to figure out what i was going to do.Well after another drink or 2 i decided that i would get a local motel room.I responded to all the bikers and gave them my room number and told them to be there at about 4 pm.

I got to the hotel and took my time getting dressed as sexy as i could.and spent about a 1/2 hr putting on my makeup making sure it was applied just perfect.I had decided on wear a micri mini skirt with black seamed stockings and gater belt.I slowly slid the stocking up my freshly shaved legs with great care as not to put a run in them.

As i sat there on the end of the bed trying to decide what heels and top to wear i was trying to think how this would all play out.Well finally deciding on a pair of 6 inch silver stileeto heels and a pink corset top i finished dressing and had a couple more cocktails.I had decided that maybe i should rent some porn tapes for our pleasure.So i looked on the tv and decide on getting some tranny porn.It was about 3:45 and i heard a couple bikes pull up outside the hotel room and all of a sudden i could feel myself starting to sweat with anticipation.Well after about 5 minutes i heard a knock at the door and to my surprise there were 4 of the hottest biker boys i had ever seen standing in the doorway.

I invited them into the hotel room and we had a couple more drinks.Mark the tallest of the 4 was in his early 30s had asked what all i was seeking and i told him that i wanted to be used like a little slut biker bitch.Well you can guess the other 3 guys were all up for that.Mark had asked if I minded if he took some still photos of the fun and i am not sure why but i spoke right up and said hell i would even enjoy doing a video of the fun.Next thing i know the guys were all pooling there money together to go and get a video camera and tripod.Mark took of on his hard tail like a bolt of lightning to go to the closest store and returned about 20 minutes later with video camera and chargers and all in hand.

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