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Big Ones Go A Long Way

I’m fortunate that my line of work gives me the opportunity to travel and not to dumpy places but to cool ones like Frisco, Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, etc.

Last week I was in Las Vegas for a few days for a convention and had some delightful extracurricular fun.

While I like what I do for a living (no it’s not really important that you know what it is) I do it dressed as a guy so during convention time I have to play it straight. Well at least as straight as a really pretty 5’10″,
145 pound guy with longish hair, a smooth complexion and a great ass can play it. The convention unfortunately went from ten in the morning until eight at night which makes for a tired girl at the end of the day. The first two days I was wasted and simply grabbed a bite to eat and went to my room to watch a movie and go to sleep. (By the way I was staying at Belagio which is one of the more gorgeous hotels in the world.) By day three I was busting with anticipation of what kind of adventures I could have as the “real” me so after business hours I went up and took a two hour nap and awakened pretty refreshed. I spent an hour getting dressed as :”me”.

I emerged from my room wearing loose cream colored crepe slacks that almost
touched the floor over my magenta three inch heels. I had on creamy white
thigh highs and a matching thong. My high ass cheeks looked gorgeous in the
mirror in my room. My blouse was a long sleeve magenta silk unbuttoned to
midway down my chest. The waist was squared off and buttoned so that when I
sat or reached for something you could see flashes of my golden tanned
skin. I had on a single strand of white pearls with matching earrings and
my aforementioned longish (almost shoulder length hair (I’m lucky that it’s
really thick and luxuriant) was combed back and moussed in place. And of
course I had the obligatory makeup on that made me look all in all like a
very exotic package of womanhood. To top it all off I was carrying a cream
leather purse and had on Chanel Number Five which may be old but is oh so

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