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Big Changes

Big Changes

Jess was getting tired of hearing about all the female problems his sisters or
his girlfriend were having. It seemed all they talked about was their sore
breasts or their cramps or their bloating. At times he would just tell them to
keep their problems to themselves, that he was tired of hearing them bitching
and moaning about stuff that couldn't have been as bad as they let on.
Usually one of them would tell him he should have been a girl so he would
know what it was like

Jess was a 17 year old senior who was surrounded by females. His dad had
died several years ago and he had no brothers, only two sisters. Michelle
who was in 7th grade and was almost 13, and Amber who was 19 and
pregnant. Her husband had been killed in an auto accident a couple of
months ago, even before either of them knew she was pregnant. And now
she was living back at home and was 3 months along. Jess's mom was an
OB/GYN so they had quite a comfortable lifestyle

"Oh man, my nipples are so sore and itchy I don't think I can stand it,"
Michelle was saying at the breakfast table. "They feel like they are on fire
sometimes." "Honey, don't worry. That's very normal when your breast
buds first begin to form. In a few months the soreness will go away and they
will just continue to grow," Her mom told her. "Yeah, and then they only get
sore when you have your periods....or when you get pregnant....or when
your boyfriend plays with them too much," Amber stated while laughing at
the same time. At that moment Jess came up behind Michelle and put his
fingers on her chest and started squeezing her nipples through her thin
training bra. "There, that'll give you something to complain about you little
wimp. You won't get any sympathy from me with your stupid moaning and
groaning," he said

"Stop that this instant young man. She isn't making this up and you better

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