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Bell boy

I like to travel a lot, once i was visiting south asia i found a great hotel with a very nice view of the coast. I arrived the hotel at midnight due to delay of my airline. When i reached the hotel no body was at the desk, after looking around about 20 minutes i realized a bellboy sitting at the entrance and requested his help. He was very helpful he quickly found the staff and grabbed my bags. After check in he showed me the way to my room. When we entered the room he couldnt set the lights on and he tried a few times to fix the lights. At that time i was looking at him, he was around his mid 20s short haired 1.75 cm and athletic boy. He was wearing a small tshirt which i can easily see his muscles. After a while he realized that i was staring at his ass. I couldnt say anything just said sorry. He answered "did you like" I said Yes. Then, he came close to me and asked me if i want him. I couldnt resist this sexy boy and answered "sure" then he closer the door and took his clothes off and wanted me to do the same. We were totally naked looking eachother. He wanted me to go down my knees and let me suck his cock. His cock was bigger then any other asian. I sucked his cock and made him hard. Then he threw me to the bed on my back and touched with his cock to my tight ass. I was so excited. He slowly slided his cock into my desperate ass. After a while i found myself moaning and trying to satisfy him with all my talents. He pounded my ass so long and so deep. His cock was so great that i felt his every second fucking my asshole. He fucked me on the bed so hard and long after he ünlemden his cum we became wet and he asked to go to bathroom for a shower. Then we took shower together, he was so horny that i couldnt stop him fucking my ass in the shower once more. He was so good. At that night we had sex for hours, tired and fall a sleep. In the morning i woke up and saw he was naked and sleeping on my bed, as you can guess i couldnt sent him without tasting his cock once more in the early morning..

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