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Being with a tgirl - real life story

I have had the pleasure of being with one tgirl in a LTR for close to 4 years. I really loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my days with her. She had different ideas for herself than I had, I loved that she had a cock and we could fuck and suck each other. She opted for SRS and I supported her in her decision, even though we both knew it meant the end of us as a couple. I still am in touch with her and she has found a good man that she is very happy with.

Since then, I have been with a couple more TS and now I have been reduced to just fantisizing about being with one again. I love a womans curves, I love tits and cock in the same package. I love the dynamics of a man and a woman. TS tend to be much more womanly than a GG, as they are working hard at being female and they love the role, with all the attendant perks.

I am working on a story about how I first met and slept with a tgirl, with her keeping it a secret until we were well into our first sexual encounter and my reactions to haveing a big cock in my hand when I expected a nice wet pussy. ;)

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