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Being my Master’s Panty Slave

I was standing where he had ordered me to, with my legs spread slightly, bent over with my hands on the bed. I could hear him moving behind me but I kept facing forward. He had already told me he had something to plug up my ass with so I knew what was coming but had no idea what he planned to stick in me. I felt something cool and slick rub around my ass a little and then he started to ease whatever it was in me. I felt the tip enter me a little and stop as he teased me with it. “You want to be fucked don’t
you?” he said. “Yes, please fuck me sir.” I answered. The tip of what I guessed was a butt plug continued forward in my ass and it only took a second to realize it was a pretty small one. Thankfully he was taking it
easy on me. The small plug slid in to the end and my hole tightened against the base involuntarily.

He stood me up an handed me a pair of Victoria’s Secret satin panties to
put on. I’d never worn women’s panties before but I’d never been a slave
before either, but I knew slaves obeyed and pleased and that’s what I did.
I slid the panties on and he straightened them over my ass for me. He
reached around and rubbed my rock hard cock through the slick material,
which felt incredible. Then he pressed himself against me, nestling his
cock between the cheeks of my ass. He started pressing himself into me and
his dick was touching the plug in my ass. Every time he pushed in, the
plug moved in my ass. With the slender shaft wiggling in my hole and him
rubbing me through the smooth material, it was all I could do to keep from
He only did that for a minute and stopped touching me, which was worse
torture. “Do you want to continue your punishment?” he asked. “Yes sir” I
said, knowing I would have said anything he asked as a good slave would.
He bent me back over and had me put my hands on the bed with my ass
sticking out. I heard him moving some things around in the bag he brought,

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