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Becoming Lisa

From when I was as young as 9, smooth and long blonde hair, I was always dressing in my older sister's panties and bra, panty hose. My breasts were kinda girlish and i had long nipples that would get hard when I played with them. I was older now, but still only had a small 4 inch cock when it was hard. At least I could cum when I played with myself like this. We lived on a lake in the country in Texas and one day, I was playing with myself in the bathroom, in her pantyhose and bra one day when I thought no one was home and Linda, my mother's college roomate, who was visiting, walked in on me. I was so embarrassed.

Instead of yelling at me, she calmed me down, saying it was alright, just fun, and held me and stroked me and fondled me. Told me I was so pretty. I felt so good as she comforted me. 'Come with me, baby sweet princess," she said. Taking me by the hand.

She brought me into her room and laid me on the bed and slowly undressed herself, her undies were pretty, with white lace around the edges. As she removed them, I could see that she had a shaved pussy underneath, no hair showing. I was amazed at how her pussy lips were so pouted out and glistening from her wetness. She had such pretty, long legs. Her big breasts leaped out of their bondage in the tight bra she threw to the side. Her nipples were hard.

"Let me show you how sweet you really are, "she whispered and climbed on top of me and let her titties hang down in my face. I could smell the perfume essence of them so close. I was afraid to reach out and lick them like I wanted to. I touched them and she moaned.

She reached down and worked my cock out of the tight pantyhose and pumped it, 'Oh baby such a pretty little baby cock for Linda," she moaned. I was so crazy I almost shot a load of cum right then. She licked my cock a couple of times, took a half dozen long sucks on it and straddled me. And then she sat down, moving her bottom so her pussy was right on my cock. She then wiggled it into the lips of her cunt and suddenly, she dropped down onto it, burying it in one short explosive motion, into her wet pussy. She wiggled around on it, rocking back and forth until it was in to my balls, and then rode up and down on it, on top of me, squeezing my titties really hard.

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