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Becoming a Sissy Cocksucker

I always loved feminine things. I'd wear my s****rs panties as often as I could. I loved the way they felt, the soft fabric, the high cut legs, and especially the frilly lace edging! I graduated to bras and padding them and wondered what it'd be like to be a girl.

I always loved watching porn where a guy is sucked off by a
woman. I started to realize, what turned me on the most about it was watching his cock when it orgasmed! I LOVED watching the cum shoot out and on to her face and in her mouth! I used to watch it (and still do) dressed in panties. Well, fantasy eventually took over, I wondered what it was like to be the woman giving head!

My first wife actually pushed me over to the awesome side. She set up a meeting with a friend of mine (who she had been talking with for a month) to meet "Vickie". I had no idea. I used to dress up and lounge around the house with her. One evening, my wife asked me to dress especially sexy. So, off I went to smooth my legs, primp and put in a short miniskirt and cami top bra with my falsies. I did my makeup and put my heels on. She came into the bedroom with a glass of wine and said she had the perfect movie to watch! I followed her out into the living room and as I turned the corner, there sat my good friend and co-worker! I was beyond surprised, stunned, embarrassed, etc. She turned around and before I could do anything, she assured me he already knew about my feminine side. As he stood up, all 6'2 of him, he extended his hand and said "Nice to finally meet you, Vickie. Won't you sit next to me?"

I don't know what world I was in but his tender touch, calling me Vickie and being a wonderful gentleman was just wonderful. He said that my wife had told him all about me and what I enjoyed. As I sat next to him, drinking the wine and making small talk, I realized that on the TV was pure porn. Scene after scene of men shooting their cum into wide open, willing mouths! He asked me if I liked that. I nodded, but I was sure he had already seen my skirt rising a bit! As I fixated on the TV, he moved his arm around me and pulled me close. His other hand reached over and turned my head towards him and he looked me right in the eyes and asked me if I'd like to try it. I nodded and a quiet 'yes' slipped out before I knew what happened.

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