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Becoming a Sissy - My aunt my Mistress II

There i was on the lobby block, dressed up as a whore with my pants down and my ass plugged, next to me was my aunt, laughing of my boner, my mind went blank for a second not knowing if all this is real but i was interrupted from trance when my aunt shacked me and said that we need to go. I pulled my panties up and felt my dick hard, then i stopped and i said "I can't go outside like this, and i got this boner as well, those panties won't cover it, what if someone sees me?”
Marie “You sure complain a lot. So you don't like those panties? “
Emma “Hell no ! ” Now she is gonna stop this insanity, thought in my mind.
Marie "Well, all right, have it your way”
Emma "God thank you for stopping this madness, I guess i will go back inside aunt..."
Aunt Marie started laughing and said "Take off your panties and give them to me", she was dead serious, and I was shocked and speechless.
Marie "Come on we don’t have all night we need to arrive at my house before 12. Be a good girl and give me your panties or i shall punish you, maybe you want to show yourself to your neighbor. Is that girl that you always liked staying at this floor or another one? Guess we will find out if you don’t want to obey me."
I was looking at her with desperation and then I almost yelled "GOD PLEASE NO!" I took my panties down immediately and handed them to her, so i was left with a boner that was barely covered by my short dress.
This evil woman that is sitting next to me is giggling at me and said "I THINK you want to lower your voice someone may come outside and see you like that".
Emma "Let's just go to your home aunt Marie"
Marie "Still didn't learn to address to me with the proper respect, hmm... We will correct that later, now you can call me how you want sweetie."
We went down and immediately I felt the cold and being in a short dress made from silk that can barely cover your penis made way worse, oh and not forget the heels that made even walking hard, so I tried to say this while trembling "SO where is the car ?"
Marie "What car?” It's way cheaper with the bus, and some fresh air would make us good", she said closing her fur coat while smiling watching me.

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