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Bad Luck(or best day ever)

Bad Luck ?
(or best day ever)
by Cdlishmis
Talking about bad luck usually means, a very bad day. Well my day started out just fine. I woke up at 7 am., right on time for work. I showered shaved and put on some of my sexiest lingerie. I just love the silky smooth feeling of women's lingerie against my body. Of course I had to cover it up with my work clothes. I am a used car salesman at an auto dealership. I am also a lingerie loving closet cross-dresser. Anyways, back to work, as luck would have it I was stuck in traffic for an extra hour and was late to work. I received the customary reprimand from my boss then. went for my coffee. I got my cup and put the lid on, evidently not all the way. My first sip and I was wearing most of the coffee. . I headed to one of our unisex restrooms.
I had my shirt and pants off, trying to clean the stain, and in walks one of the secretary’s. I turned, looked at her, turned back to my drying and then remembered I was in lingerie.I quickly turned to see her drop her jaw and then make a low gasping noise. I grabbed my clothes, my face beet red, and I headed to a stall. I felt the complete fool and embarrassed as hell. I was just throwing my wet clothes back on and wondering whether I should take the rest of the day off sick. The secretary whose name I forgot, spoke through the stall door, said to me “do not worry, if i were a man I could imagine the embarrassment if someone were to find out that I dressed in women’s clothes, especially lingerie.” She said “she wouldn’t say anything ,she wears lingerie too ha ha”. Then said we should meet up for lunch today. I unwillingly agreed. I was safe, or so I thought. Everything was fine, although i will admit i still had the jitters and it was exciting, for an hour or so. I took a woman and her daughter for a test drive and the little girl told her mommy “look mommy he has a bra strap mark on his shirt like you”. Turning red again, I said nothing, forgetting that it could be easily seen with my damp shirt and my coat was too wet to wear..

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