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Bachelorette Party

I was asked to put on a show for a group of women at a bachelorette party last weekend.

To make things more interesting, I wore latex fetish clothing consisting of latex stockings and a latex garter belt, latex crotchless panties, a latex corset, latex gloves, a studded latex choker and my leather "pound my ass" boots with 6 inch heels.

It was quite the show. The ladies wanted me to dance for them. I was hard after a short while looking at so much hot pussy, so I put on a leather cock ring and squeezed my swollen balls into a tight, shiny latex ball sheath. Then I slowly began to insert an anal plug deep into my ass and sensuously stroked my hard cock while the ladies looked on with great interest. I could tell these ladies were getting turned on by the lustful expressions on their faces as I worked the anal plug gently into my hole with moans of pleasure. I turned around so they could see my work as the plug finally slipped inside me as my hard cock and balls hung below. I noticed some erect nipples through some of the ladies shirts as well as some hair touching and lip licking so I knew my cock was working its magic.

I stood in front of each girl and put my cock in her face as I danced, slowly gyrating my hips while almost touching her lips with the head of my hard, throbbing cock. It was so hot! A couple of them couldn't keep their hands off my cock and my ass and they enjoyed stroking my love tool almost as much as I did.

One girl left a big impression. I accidentally touched her lower lip with the head of my cock and a drop of pre-cum stretched between my cock and her mouth. I was nervous and thought she would be upset but she wasn't. Quite the opposite. She gave me an "I want you right now" look and licked my pre-cum from her lips while she stared at me with desire. It was so hot!

She grabbed my hips pulling me closer and took my cock into her mouth! She sucked on my cock with such passion as she reached between my legs and tugged on my anal plug. I realized then that this was the most sensual blowjob I've ever had and it was all I could do to keep from unloading my full balls into her throat!

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